Thursday, December 17, 2009

LISTEN - A Song Mosaic

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My good friend and colleague is at it again - incorporating his love of composing and performing music into his teaching and the learning that takes place in his classrooms. I wrote about Ryan Miller several months ago on the TECH Talks blog (Rockin' The School Community) when he had written and recorded a song celebrating one of the schools in our division.

Ryan was recently the recipient of a provincial grant that enabled him to develop a project that focused on student engagement, student voice, social justice and the infusion of technology across the curriculum. He tied all of these themes together through music, by composing and recording a song that showcases lyrics that were contributed by individual students.

The result is LISTEN - check it out:

Ryan refers to LISTEN as a 'song mosaic', as it unites so many voices and important ideas in a very meaningful way. The collective and collaborative nature of this project serves to demonstrate the power of banding together to make a difference.

Thank you, Ryan, for allowing me to share this project in such a public way and for providing your students with such rich learning experiences. It will make a difference :-)

For more information about LISTEN, or to access the song/video where access to YouTube may be filtered, check out


  1. This blog is a great idea, Andy, we need to share inspiring stories of what is and can be happening in our schools. What a great post to start with, a wonderful project. I will be sharing this(and no doubt future posts) with my teacher candidate students.

  2. Teachers who share the great work they do to engage and motivate their students in learning activities like this help to shape the thinking and pedagogy of all of us as teachers. From great work like this to innovative uses of simple everyday items, it broadens our ideas and makes us realize why we've chosen this profession in the first place. Thanks Ryan and Andy for sharing!

  3. This looks like an amazing project. Way to go Ryan and thanks Andy for sharing it. Unfortunately, I am not able to see and/or hear the project as it's blocked. Sigh.

  4. @Mike - I've had a vision for this blog percolating in my mind for weeks, and this project served as the impetus to finally get it off the ground. There are so many great things going on in the schools that I work with that deserve to be shared far and wide, and I felt this might be a good medium to get the word out there :-)

    @John Agreed. There are many educators toiling away in their classrooms that have their students creating such amazing content and, too often, it goes unrecognized. And the innovation doesn't just come in the form of big projects - more often, you can find great examples of innovative practices in the little things that are created on a daily basis... those are the kinds of artifacts that I really want to promote and share through the use of this blog :-)

    @Matt Ryan's vision for this project is incredibly inspiring, isn't it? He and his students should be very proud of the attention that it's already garnering, including being featured in the Winnipeg Free Press a couple days ago! It is unfortunate that the embedded YouTube version is filtered while at school but, for that very reason, there's a link at the very end of the blog post that will permit you to watch it and share it with your students while at school :-)